Brett Weinstock, MD – 2018 (Kenya)

My trip to Kenya was an amazing educational experience. I spent two weeks in Bomet Kenya at Tenwek Eye Hospital learning Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) as well as participating in skills transfer to local Kenyan eye physicians. In contrast to how cataract surgery is performed in the US, this type of cataract surgery is common in third world countries where resources are limited. Before this experience, I was not sure if I had the skillset to take surgical trips in the future, but Dr. Ben Roberts and the Tenwek team helped me gain a competency that will allow me to continue international work as an ongoing part of my career. I was very proud to participate and in a very small way, help those less fortunate regain their sight.

The ultimate goal of these experiences is to help local ophthalmologists assume management and care of their communities. To this end, part of the trip involved educational sessions with local doctors, ophthalmic officers, and nurses. Having the opportunity to teach medical management of glaucoma and suturing under a microscope was truly rewarding. I hope it will lead to the next generation of first class ophthalmic care at Tenwek Hospital.