About CAGO


Wills Eye Hospital has long been a global leader in the prevention and treatment of blindness. Through our Center for Academic Global Ophthalmology we have sharpened our focus on the pressing needs of the millions of patients lacking access to high quality eye care.

Founded in 1832 with a mission to serve the “indigent blind and lame,” Wills Eye has trained more ophthalmologists than any other institution in the Western Hemisphere and annually continues to produce the most significant number of new eye surgeons. Our physicians have developed examination and treatment techniques that have revolutionized eye care and curing of blindness, including one of the most performed surgeries in the world, Charles Kelman’s phacoemulsification.

Having been around for so long, we recognize that significant advances in eye care arise not just from the work we immerse ourselves in today but from creating exceptional educational systems and mentoring networks to foster the innovators of tomorrow.brad feldman

Our primary focus globally is on education. We have nurtured relationships with local partners and are empowering them to tackle the devastating eye disease in their regions. We believe that we can train and support high-quality eye surgeons around the world who will become advocates for the indigent and blind in their own backyards.

Wills Eye has the largest ophthalmology alumni network in the United States, and this is our Center’s greatest asset. We have hundreds of brilliant and enthusiastic ophthalmologists who want to make a difference where they are needed most.

Please support and join us as we work with our global partners to eradicate avoidable blindness. Together we can do this.

~ A message from our Founder, Dr. Brad Feldman