WIRE - Wills International Resident Experience


In 2012, Wills Eye Hospital initiated a program to provide a structured introduction into global ophthalmology for our senior residents. After creating strong partnerships in the developing world, we created the Wills International Resident Experience (WIRE), which placed our residents at partner sites for up to two weeks to learn, teach and serve in high-need settings.

Since its inception, over forty highly-motivated senior residents have participated in the WIRE program. The residents’ evaluations of these experiences have been glowing, with many citing the WIRE as the highlight of their residency.  These immersive experiences have been both inspirational and instructive.  By giving our residents these opportunities, we hope to empower them to incorporate global ophthalmology into their budding careers, thus spreading Wills’ model of skill with compassion beyond our borders and into the world.

Michele Markovitz MD – 2020 (Belize)

Austin Meeker MD – 2020 (Haiti)

Douglas Matsunaga MD – 2020 (Kenya)

Samir Patel MD – 2020 (Kenya)

J. David Stephens, MD – 2018 (Kenya)

Brett Weinstock, MD – 2018 (Kenya)

Ayan Chatterjee, MD – 2017 (Haiti)

Margaret Greven, MD – 2015 (Haiti)

Sarah Kuchar, MD – 2014 (Kenya)