Wrapping up in Rwanda


It has been the greatest pleasure, seeing the hard work that Drs. Ciku and John have put in with the residency finally coming to fruition. Years in the making, they overcame an unbelievable number number of challenges in order to make this dream a reality. Though much of the hard work is still to come with curriculum development, resident clinic construction, surgical education and international rotations to plan, we at the CAGO are honored to provide support throughout the process. Our hope for the coming months is to have a delegation from Wills Eye and the CAGO visit the Kigali site and further contribute to project planning. In the next academic year we will have two CAGO fellows spend a month each working in various capacities with the residents, who by that time will have nearly a year of clinical experience under their belts.

The healthcare systems in countries like Rwanda take time and constant effort to affect change, but it is thanks to those passionate individuals like Dr. Ciku and Dr. John that real progress is made. The coming years in Rwanda will be exciting, and I look forward to the continued partnership with our friends overseas.